9 Ideas to Step Up Your Dance Classes

Inspiration on How to Take Your Dance Classes to the Next Level. 

Thinking of ways to continually improve your classes is challenging, but it’s the activity providers thinking outside the box who are winning. So what does pushing the boundaries of creativity and challenge look like? And how can you maintain engagement in classes in the long-term? 

We’ve been looking across the industry to see how other clubs are improving sessions. So whether you’re looking for inspiration for younger children or improving individual performance, here are 9 ways to step up your dance classes. 


  1. Make sure that you engage your students with interactive classes. Ask them to analyse themselves and focus on where they want to be 6 months from now. Create a personalised form around improvement and get dancers to reflect on what they want to do better, where they can improve or areas they feel confident in. Ask them to email you a copy, have a call to discuss techniques and pull out common themes for the group to focus on each week.

  2. Create activity books that can be purchased for a one-off fee. Dancers can complete these over a specified period, and once completed, they receive a certificate. This will allow children to improve their techniques remotely. To help you generate more income, you could include various levels for each class by creating a syllabus for them to follow at home. 

  3. Try to mix and match activities to engage students. Why not consider introducing a class awards scheme to help individuals work towards their own targets and goals? You could hold award ceremonies on a weekly or monthly basis. Setting a timescale will encourage children to work harder. 

  4. Try introducing new styles of dance that you’ve not considered before. Simon for Simon Says Dance started with Commercial Dance, but now offers everything from Jazz to House to Musical Theatre. Don’t limit yourself to just one or two styles; be bold and try new ones! The more your dance school has to offer, the more interest you’ll generate. 

  5. We’ve seen lots of dance schools adding workshops to their session which has increased engagement and interest in classes. You could bring in a guest to host a workshop; it could be someone you know, or it could be a professional. 

  6. Some dance schools have been following themed days and weeks to make lessons fun and creative. Why not introduce themed days or dress-up evenings for younger children? Or you may even try following hashtag trends like #ThrowbackThursday.

  7. Try setting short, fun tasks with a small prize at the end. This could be a competition or challenge focused on specific dance moves or techniques. 

  8. Mix up online classes by rotating staff so children are engaging with a different teacher each time. You may even want to try adding breakout rooms to your classes so there is something different each time. 

  9. Set a competition with smaller groups of 2 or 3 - it’ll encourage them to engage on zoom. You could set the challenge, and each team has to work towards it, or you could leave it open and let the video submissions be based on the most impressive dance technique. It’s up to teams to discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

So there you have it! Switching up your classes is a great way of engaging children and keeps them interested for longer. Always ask yourself if the change you are making will improve performance and technique, and is also something children are likely to engage with.

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