Data Insights: What Are Other Dance Schools Doing?

The Secret Data Points Behind Success

Data is a powerful tool. It paves the way for you to make informed decisions on how to run your dance school. Without it, how would you know who your customers are? How would you know how much money your business spends or makes? Or how would you know which business steps have achieved great results?

We’ve used data from over 2000+ dance schools to help you understand how other businesses, just like yours, are reaching their goals. From maximising revenue to business growth, let’s dive into the data behind success.  




60% of Dance Schools Have a Website

  • Having a website makes your dance school appear professional and pushes your brand forward. 
  • It can improve your customer journey by making it simpler for them to book and pay in one place. 
  • Reduce the number of enquiries you’re receiving through different channels with a FAQs page and get more time back in your day. 


Dance Inc Studios Owner, Louise, believes business growth comes from making things easier for your customers. Rather than staggering classes, Louise restructured her classes so that age groups attend all of their favourite dance classes on the same night. Taking this bold move has grown the studio by over 35%.



98% of Dance Schools Have Social Media Channels and Regularly Update These

  • It may be stating the obvious but it's crucial for you to put your brand in front of potential customers. Most parents spend time looking for recommendations from their friends, so make sure your Facebook page is fully optimised. 
  • Parents will take note of what other parents think, so start asking your current customers to leave glowing reviews. 
  • Create a ‘contact us’ button so parents can get in touch with you in one click! 


81% of Dance Schools Are Offering a Trial

  • Offering trials is a great way to encourage new bookings and increase your numbers.
  • Make sure your classes are easy to book with clear pricing for both the trial class and the remaining term.
  • Parents want to see their child having fun, feeling welcomed and enjoying themselves. Show off the great culture you’ve got and trials will start converting. 
  • Follow up with parents after with an offer and a clear call to action.

Tip: If you’re finding trials have slumped, you may want to introduce different styles of dance that you’ve not considered before. Don’t limit yourself to just one or two styles; be bold and try new ones! The more your dance school has to offer, the more interest you’ll generate.


30% of Dance Schools Are Taking Payments via Subscriptions 

  • In the past two years, more dance schools have opted to take payments via subscriptions as it improves cash flow and provides stability with regular, monthly payments. 
  • Subscriptions also make sessions more affordable for parents. With subscriptions, your sessions are just like a regular monthly Netflix payment! 



81% of Dance Schools Offer Discounts 

  • Discounts can be a great way of encouraging customers who are interested in classes to take action of booking. 
  • Always factor in your overheads and that discounts won’t leave you out of pocket.
  • Try sibling discounts or early bird offers to get sessions filling up!


Workshops Are Worth 2x More Than a Weekly Class

  • Workshops generally see up to 30% more children come through the door when compared to weekly classes.
  • They’re an excellent place for parents to send children during the holidays and are the perfect injection to your cash flow.

Tip: To make up for lost income, let data drive your decisions when it comes to workshops. Think about when your customers are most likely to be around and needing something for their children to do. Are they likely to be away on weekend staycations? Would you reach more people by offering weekday workshops? Whatever the data points to, try and follow it to maximise your revenue. 


Want to know more about the data above? Chat with one of our business coaches - they'd love to hear from you!


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