How to Turn Camp Bookings into Committed Customers.

4 Simple Steps to Retaining Your Camp Customers! 

Whether you’re a sole camp provider or offer camps within your club programme, we know how in-demand they can be. They’re a great way to keep kids entertained, and it’s a great injection for your cash flow too! 

While holiday camps can be a busy time, if you play your cards right, things don’t need to be chaotic. But camps don’t always lead to continued custom, and if that is your purpose in running them, it might feel like extra work that doesn’t seem to pay-off.

So is there a better way to run your camps? And how do you turn camp bookings into long-term, committed customers? Let’s find out… 


It All Starts with a Great Booking Experience! 

It’s no secret that camps are a firm favourite for a parent’s hectic summer schedule. Juggling work with holidays and finding ways to keep their kids amused leaves parents seeking fun and engaging activities. Thank you camps! 

There are tons of kids activity camps out there ready to save the day, so it helps to be  flexible. If you let parents book individual days or offer early drop off and late pick up, then your booking process is in danger of becoming lengthy and very time-consuming. To stay organised you will need a solution. And this is where using an online system comes in hand as it gives parents all of their options up-front and they can select for themselves in just a few clicks. 

Inside Scoop: A good booking system will allow you to make it visible to parents at first glance by embedding it on your Facebook page and website. Allowing parents to book and pay hassle-free saves you time and sets you apart from your competitors.

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Receive Money Upfront and Make It a Cashless Camp.

Have you considered that parents may want to book and pay at the same time? It’s the natural process for most things nowadays, and with the government advising to take cashless payments, it’s something to seriously consider! 

But taking cashless payments goes beyond this! Getting your payments under control when classes and camps are full is the key to running an organised business. You'll soon eliminate parents that ‘reserve’ spaces and later change their minds and avoid endless hours chasing payments! 

Tip: If you’re considering accepting various methods of payment, try condensing to just one. It’ll make life a lot easier for you and we guarantee that parents will be happy to go along with it! 


Be organised. Store All the Information You Need in One Place! 

Camps provide a means for childcare during the holidays, which means you may only know the child for the duration of the camp. With larger capacities, various activities, plus more options for times and days of attendance, it’s even more essential to have all information accessible to you and your coaches.  

You’ll have to juggle excited children buzzing with energy, so why add to the chaos by  juggling multiple spreadsheets? A good booking system will allow you to view registrations, medical information and emergency contact details in an instant; meaning you can be confident that your coaches know everything they need to! 

Inside Scoop: If your struggles with wifi have put you off using an online system, ClassForKids offline registers will come in handy and you can view them on any device!

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Your Camp Has Been a Success! Time to Secure Retention.  

The ultimate way to increase your club numbers is by marketing to those that have had a taste of what your club has to offer. If the parents can book your camp with ease, and their children have a great time, why not encourage them to return?  

If you have a term of classes coming up just after camp, take the opportunity to give the camp attendees a special offer. This could be a discount, free trial or ‘bring a friend’ offer. Reach out while your camp is still fresh in a parents mind, and push them for a commitment for next week's class or beyond. 

Inside Scoop: This has been particularly successful with our clubs that give parents the incentive on the last day of camp and take the time to follow up gently in a few days. 

For those that don’t convert, don’t ignore them! Their child probably still really enjoyed your camp, and they can do a great job at spreading the word to their friends and family so you can expect more customers next time around!  

And there you have it, 4 easy steps you can take to converting your camp bookings. A smooth booking and payment experience, creating a welcoming environment and highlighting your value is key to converting customers. 

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