Using Your Facebook Page to Increase Bookings

10 Musts for the Perfect Facebook Page

Your business doesn’t have a Facebook page for the sake of it, right? Your business has a Facebook page because you believe you can achieve something with it. Think of it this way: your Facebook Page is your shop window that customers browse through, and from that, they get what you do.

Visiting your Facebook page should never confuse your customers; they should get what you do instantly! If your customers leave your Facebook page because they're unsure of what you’re offering, then you've lost them.

So how do you get the perfect Facebook page? Grab a cuppa and your notepad as we give you 10 steps to get started...


Dynamic Headers Attract Attention 

Your header is the first thing your customers see, so it's crucial to get it right. Why? Because it's a way for you to directly connect your brand with your customers. And it impacts how your customers view you.  

Whether it's an image or video; change your header to suit what’s currently happening within your club. So if you’ve got a camp running or a free offer, advertise this. If you want to showcase a particular class to increase attendance, your header is the perfect place. Whatever is happening, make sure your customers know.

Tip: Use a call-to-action in your header - such as an arrow pointing to the sign up now button - to help warmer customers take the action you want!


Tell Your Customers About You

So many businesses fail to fill this essential section out. Your customers want to know who you are and what you offer - and the about us section was designed for this purpose!

You'll want to include your website link, telephone number, email address, opening hours and services offered. It's a good idea to introduce any relevant information to showcase your business here.  

Tip: Having a link to your privacy policy is crucial as it shows Facebook that you’re a legitimate business and helps any future ads from being disapproved.  


Automated Responses 

Failing to respond to messages promptly can lead to you losing potential customers to a competitor. Taking simple steps to automate responses can help you retain interest, answer FAQs and reduce your admin time. The better your response time, the better your quality score will be - both of which improve your organic post reach. 

Tip: Include automated responses for FAQs like opening hours, prices, links to your booking page, appropriate ages for classes and what classes they’re interested in. 


Start Pinning Posts!

Pinned posts get more visibility because they're at the top of a page. It's one of the first things your customers come across, so it's a fantastic opportunity to inform customers and attract their attention! To convert potential customers, use pinned posts to promote something like a free trial or step-by-step instructions on how to book (the more CTAs on your page, the better). 

Test Offers

Use your Facebook page to test engagement, improve ad performance and convert customers! Why not try posting about new offers, discounts, classes or merchandise to see what attracts customers?


Sign Up Now Button

Skip steps for motivated customers and get them booked straight into classes directly from your page! Using a booking system like ClassForKids means customers can book and pay for classes (straight from Facebook) in a few clicks! This keeps things simple for the customer and efficient for you. It's also a way of keeping your admin COVID secure.




Get Your Customers to Shout About You

This is really simple for you to implement, and it's free! But why is it important? Because potential customers want to know what others think about your classes and know more about your reputation! 

So start asking customers to leave reviews - if they value your service, they'll love shouting about it! This will help create trust in your brand and convert new customers. 


Quick Wins

Grow your Facebook page by monitoring/responding to comments and inviting people to like your Facebook page. Sure, it might be a vanity number, but people want to know someone has liked your page!


Use the Services Tab

The services tab allows prospects to browse what your business is offering and whether it's relevant to them. Start showcasing your different classes, prices and any extra services like birthday parties. The quicker you show prospects you can offer what they're looking for, the sooner they'll covert.


Video Is King!

Start using video on your Facebook page - it's an interactive and fun way to engage your prospects! But it goes beyond this; you can use it for Facebook ads too! You can retarget anyone that has watched any videos you have uploaded to your Facebook page in the last year. Why is this great?

Because you can create look-a-like audiences! Facebook will find audiences - similar to those who have viewed your videos - meaning you have the potential to reach lots of new prospects. What's not to love?

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