2018 with ClassForKids

Oh my! What a whirlwind of a year it’s been for us at ClassForKids! 2018 was definitely a momentous year for the team as our family grew larger in size, our team expanded and our product evolved into something more technologically advanced for you! How wonderful.

As a way of self-reflecting on the amazing year we’ve had, we’re drawing in on our 2018 review and highlighting the best moments of being part of ClassForKids. Let’s go!



The ClassForKids brand has come a long way since Nikki conjured up this idea in his cozy kitchen at home. From a colourful logo drawn up by CTO Kevin, to a complete brand transformation by our talented friends from Parachute, the new and improved ClassForKids brand boasting 5 bold colours, and a sparkly new website to go along with it, readily allows the team to show off what we’ve got and launch the product with a completely new face lift. 🤩



In the last year, we’ve grown from 8 members to 24, and it’s not going to stop there! Welcoming new crucial team members like Lead Gen Executive and resident goth, Alannah, Customer Success Superstar, Sarah, Software Developer and coding master, James, and Business Coach and vibrant ballet dancer 🕺🏼, Andy (to name a few), the team will never be short of hard-working, talented and intelligent individuals that’ll make your booking management processes simpler and more effective.

Who wants to join this awesome crew? Shoot over an email. You won’t ever want to leave!



In 2018, we had an incredible growth of kids activities clubs joining the family. We welcomed names like Mighty Swimmers, Jollytots & Cookies Play Cafe, Elen Brandao Dance School and so many more! And from the looks of it, they definitely don’t regret coming on board and adopting the booking management system for their businesses. 👍🏼

Our mission is to help clubs reduce admin work and to give them back more time to focus on teaching and coaching students. We’re very proud that our system works effortlessly for so many people and that it leaves a positive impact on the enhanced management processes that club owners and coaches use.


Yeap, we have so many clubs from the United Kingdom and Ireland joining ClassForKids and we’re very chuffed about it. But did you know that we also have clubs joining us from across the world?! 🚀 That’s right, last year we welcomed with open arms our first few international kids activities clubs from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. This is such an encouraging indication and the beginning of a global take over! Get ready!

Interested to be part of the ClassForKids family? Learn more about the system now on our website and contact us today! We’re more than happy to help. 😊


Ever since the launch of EU’s new law and regulations for protection of personal data, ClassForKids settled up and ensured that our booking management system was and is GDPR compliant and that all users of the system have confidence in the safety and security of their data! With this new compliance that we’ve respected and upheld, club owners don’t have to worry as they have full trust in the team and the software.

If you have any questions about GDPR, feel free to contact our Customer Success team through the chat box on our website or via our social media channels.


Yeah, you read that right. Our skilful Product team have been coding up a storm with the amount of releases they managed to complete in the last year! For a relatively small team, 450 upgrades is definitely an impressive achievement and one that should be put on a pedestal. ✨

The most notable releases include the launch of mobile registers, a brand new sign-up process, an enhancement on the waiting lists feature and a dashboard specifically designed for coaches!



As part of our marketing strategy, we approached companies that worked within the realms of kids activities clubs and collaborated with them to design marketing campaigns and interactive social media competitions with amazing prizes to be won.

For example, with Gymnova, the winner of our competition won £1,000 worth of Gymnova gymnastics equipment for their club! Wow! How exciting is that right? The aim for these partnerships is essentially for us to be receptive to different ideas and combine our plethora of resources together while navigating through the digital world. 🧠Gymnova, and others like Total Teamware, are companies who are forward-thinking and who align their vision with ours. With that in mind, we’re thankful to have them as partners.

There will only be more inventive collaborations in the upcoming year so look forward to it! Want to be partners? Contact us today!

(Source of image: Provided by Gymnova)


We’re here to make everyone’s lives easier y’all and we have the numbers to prove it! From 110,720 parents joining ClassForKids in January 2018, to 226,554 parents at the end of December 2018 who are now part of the system. We’re so ecstatic that we’ve doubled in numbers within 12 months! Awesome!

With the increase of parents wanting more convenient methods of booking classes and paying fees, club owners understand that when they join ClassForKids, they’ll be adopting a system that pleases busy parents with clever online payment methods which are accessible on mobile devices, quick to use and easy to manage.


Now it’s time to end this review with a fun note. Yes, as a team, we all packed our bags and flew ourselves over to Berlin for some essential R&R and with an expanding team, some necessary team bonding. 🎊

It was probably one of the most memorable experiences for everyone in the company to date! It was so fun for all of us to explore a new city together, get to know each other on a different level, shake our tail feathers and party all night long! 👯We definitely recommend other companies to go on short team getaways because this trip was unforgettable.


🎉🎊🎇 WE'RE READY FOR 2019! BRING IT ON! 🎉🎊🎇

Here are our final thoughts. 2018 was very much a year of challenges, innovation and growth for us in ClassForKids. The highlights in this blog post are only a small fraction of the achievements we as a team have accomplished over the passed year, and we’re not ready to back down just yet! We’re excited to face 2019 head on, with bigger and better goals to reach! 🏆

We hope everyone’s 2018 treated you well and  that this new year will bring you all the happiness, luck, love and support that you all deserve. Have a great 2019!

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