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4 Steps to Make Your Camps a Success

⭐ Making the Most of Camps to Secure Long-Term Customers   

Whether you’re a sole camps provider or offer camps within your programme, we know how in-demand they can be. They’re a great way of keeping kids entertained, and it’s a great injection for your cash flow too!

With camps being 2x more profitable than your average term session, it's definitely worth investing your time to get it right. And if you're a savvy business owner, you're probably thinking of ways to maximise from your camps. 

So is there a better way to run your camps? And how do you turn camp bookings into long-term, committed customers? Let’s dive in and find out!




It All Starts with a Great Booking Experience! 

It’s no secret that camps are a firm favourite for a parent’s hectic summer schedule. Juggling work with holidays and finding ways to keep kids amused leaves parents seeking fun and engaging activities. 

With lots of camps available to parents, being flexible pays off. Offering convenient options like full days, half days, early drop-offs and late pick-ups will make you a firm favourite with parents. But to stay organised, you'll need a solution.

This is where a booking system comes in handy. It gives parents all of their options up-front, and they can select for themselves in just a few clicks, and it benefits you too! Being able to see capacity at a glance will help you quickly fill empty spots and get more customers through the door. 


⭐ Camps Success Story: Munchkin Sports ⭐

For multi-sports provider Munchkin Sports, holiday camps have been the biggest surprise in business. Generating 2X more income, the club now regularly sees 650+ children attending every camp. 



Receive Money Upfront

Have you considered that parents may want to book and pay at the same time? It's easy and convenient, and that's what busy parents want. Getting your payments under control when camps are full is the key to running an organised business.

You'll soon eliminate parents that reserve spaces and change their minds last minute, meaning you avoid endless hours chasing payments! 

👉  Inside Scoop: A good booking system can be embedded into your Facebook page and website; making bookings and payments hassle-free, saves you hours of admin time and sets you apart from the competition.


Store What You Need in One Place

The reality of camps means that you may only know the child for the duration of the camp. With larger capacities, various activities, plus more options for times and days of attendance, it’s crucial to have all information accessible to you and your staff.  

You’ll have to juggle excited children buzzing with energy, so why add to the chaos by juggling multiple spreadsheets? A good booking system will allow you to view registers, medical information and emergency contact details in an instant, giving you and your team confidence to focus on what matters

👉  Inside Scoop: If your Wi-Fi struggles have put you off using a booking system, the ClassForKids system's offline registers can be downloaded, ready to access any time, anywhere. 


software-kids-activity-clubsSEE THE SOLUTION


Time to Secure Retention 

The ultimate way to increase your club's numbers is by retaining those who have had a taste of what your club has to offer. If parents can book your camps with ease, and their children have a great time, why not encourage them to return?  

If you have classes coming up just after camps, take the opportunity to give camp attendees a special offer. This could be a discount, free trial or ‘bring a friend’ offer. Reach out while your camp is still fresh in a parents mind, and push them for a commitment for next week's class or beyond. 

For those that don’t convert, don’t ignore them! Their child probably still really enjoyed your camp, and they can do a great job at spreading the word to their friends and family, so you can expect more customers next time around!  

And there you have it,

4 steps you can take to convert your camp bookings. A smooth booking and payment experience, creating a welcoming environment and highlighting your value is key to converting customers. 


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