How to Communicate Lockdown Changes with Your Customers

A Look at Why Mindset Is Important and How to Instil Confidence in Your Customers During Lockdown.

When it comes to success - whether professional or personal - mindset is the biggest influence. Why? Because what we think directly impacts our behaviour. It's a positive mindset that's helped you take your club to where it is today. 

And when it comes to mindset and its impact on success, COVID times aren't any different. Right now, your club is facing continued disruption. But over the past few months, you've faced challenges, you've made changes and you've bounced back because of your mindset. 

This time around, you have a new level of confidence! You can successfully run online classes, you can quickly pivot your business and you know that it's a temporary measure.

But what about your customers? How do you transfer this confidence to them? Let's take a look...


Does Mindset Matter?

Yes, mindset is a vital ingredient when it comes to pivoting your business. Why? Because if you aren't confident in your choices, then your customers won't be. 

If you’re running (or preparing to run) online classes, your mindset should be, ‘I am still providing classes, investing a huge amount of time, the content is relevant and children are still progressing’.

And remember, your customers are already familiar with online classes. You're no longer at the initial stage of educating customers - you're moving lessons online as a temporary measure and telling them about it. Most parents will be expecting you to move online following the latest restrictions!

Parents also understand how quickly clubs need to pivot and change direction, so use this to your advantage. And they're also familiar with your ability to bounce back!

But what matters now (more than ever!) is being transparent with parents. Let them know your expectations, be confident in your decisions and they'll be confident in you.

But if you're new to online classes or need reminding, how do you show the value of online classes to your customers?


Communicating Benefits to Parents

If you do meet resistance from some of your customers, ask yourself whether you have fully explained the benefits of moving your classes online.

Mindset Focus: What was important to your customers last time around? Was it socialisation? What were the main health benefits? Did it positively impact mental well-being? Did children still progress? 

Instil confidence in your customers by trying the following:

  • Have a conversation about why online classes are a good idea. Think about the benefits your club provides including continued education, exercise, well-being, progression and community.
  • Why not offer customers the opportunity to try it first? Emphasise that you understand it’s not the same learning environment as your physical space, but it’s an opportunity to continue education and to retain skills.

  • Discuss your customer's preferences of pre-recorded or live classes. It could be the case that parents simply can't make the usual class time at home, so pre-recorded content will help you meet the needs of your customers. 

 “Our mission is to get kids to love learning...that's the core of our business. With changing times, it's just about changing the way that we do that but we're still delivering what we've always done”.
Syd, Femtinos


But What About Refunds and Withdrawals?

Okay, so it's time to get realistic.

We know many clubs have an increase in the number of customers wanting to withdraw from classes temporarily while they run online. But this is a good point to turn conversations around

You should be thinking about whether your online class content is replicating what you would be doing if physical doors were open. If your answer is yes, then highlight why it’s important children don’t miss this.

It could be that you are still working towards a competition or focusing on important techniques -  the point we're trying to make is that children are still progressing. 

And what if you’ve seen a rise in refund requests? Start by looking at your refund policy - what does this say? Make it clear to customers from the outset what your stance is on refunds and stick to it! (Remember the confidence mindset we talked about earlier? Apply it here!)

However, you may feel that having conversations with your customers on a case by case basis and making a judgment on their circumstances is best. But there are other options you can offer to your customers rather than offering refunds straight away. 

  1. Carry Lessons Forward -  Sometimes known as 'make up lessons', this is a great option for you and your customers. Carrying lessons forward means that although children aren't attending lessons online, you're still receiving income to help with the all important cash flow! You're simply offering lessons at a later date when your physical doors open. 

  2. Discount your Lessons. You may consider discounts as a way of retaining customers during this period to display measures you are taking to help your customers. If you do offer discounts, ensure you offer a rate that will still cover your overheads.

  3. Offer Payment Plans. This would still allow children to partake in lessons but payments can be made at a later date as agreed by you and your customers. This will allow you to retain in the long run and will display empathy towards your customers. 

A positive mindset is key in helping you through this period. Remember, this is a temporary situation and you've done this before. 

Your customers are already familiar with your ability to provide fantastic lessons - whether they're online or in a physical space. And they're also familiar with how quickly you're able to bounce back.

Want to thrive despite the latest restrictions? Then head over to our resources hub - we have a TON of FREE resources to help you through this time.

See you there 👋!

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