Top Tips from Clubs on How to Have a Positive Mindset

How to Keep a Positive Mindset When Adapting to Change.

Clubs have been adapting all year... it’s certainly not new territory. But the recent lockdown announcement in England has meant that the majority of the clubs will have to revert back to online classes.

Some will thrive with this set up, but others will no doubt be feeling a little deflated and all the worries from before will kick back in. Many will be thinking, “How will I get through this?!”

The success of the decisions you make for your business will fall on your mindset. Think positive, get positive results. 

With that being said, here’s a few things to consider to get your head into the right mindset:

  • Those who show innovation and ambition will succeed;
  • If you’re struggling to feel inspired, look at what other clubs are doing and think of new things to try or opportunities to explore;
  • Who do you want to be? “My business will not survive this" or “I will be positive, learn from others and think of ways to make this work!".

Learning from others in the same position as you will be beneficial. It will give you the push to keep going, confidence to try new things and support through the struggles. Let’s look to clubs for some tips on how to keep positive….



Look to Your Customers - There’s Bound to Be a Few Cheerleaders in There!
Craig at Simon Says Dance - 

“When we went online for the first time, seeing our students get in touch to send us their videos and pictures of [them] taking part in online classes (and seeing that extended family that they've created through SSD shines through) was a brilliant surprise. That was the best part - knowing that people really do value the classes and value SSD as a whole and the fact they continue to religiously do their online classes and send us their footage has been really good.”

Remember the Benefits and Drive Them Forward
Syd at Femtinos -

“I think online is going to be a bigger feature going forward for us, especially because it gives us the flexibility to be anywhere in the world essentially and still be delivering online. Kids are resilient and they have taken it on really well so there’s no reason why we wouldn’t keep online classes up with physical workshops to keep our class sizes smaller.”

Spot New Opportunities
Geoff at Goodlife -

"I've invested a lot more time in how to do online classes and how it works. I can see the possibility of it becoming a bigger part of our business because I understand a little bit more about how it's created and how some of the metrics work, so we can see how things grow. So if this can become part of our business, either for online classes or for a bigger online branding opportunity and can continue to get our name bigger through the online world, I'm definitely ready to explore that."

Keep Confident in Yourself
Joe at Munchkins -

“When we started munchkins, it was actually in a recession. A few people said, "Joe, it's not going to work". But that’s all they needed to say for me to be like "right, come on, let's go!". And it did work! Why? I went off the assumption that everybody's going to need sports coaching for their children, no matter how much money they've got or haven't got - they need it. And in 8 years, this is the only thing that's stopped our company going in the right direction. Even now - I’ve just had to keep fighting and keep engaging with my clients through it all.

Keep Confident IN Your CLUB
Andrew at Jungle Sports-

“Whether you’re online or offline, I think you just have to give it your all. At the start, we went a bit over top with planning to return and even though there’s been restrictions along the way, it will be a really good thing long-term because we’ll keep these procedures in place going forward than going back to what we used to do. So when parents see that, they have that peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing. Nothing has went to waste.” 


ClassForKids Bonus Tip - Take Control of What You Can Control
Gain control in uncertain times by keeping engaged with your customers and your staff. This will keep you mentally strong and allow you to plan ahead confidently 

  • Post regularly on social 
  • Come up with competitions with kids
  • Reach out to parents and test the feelers
  • Get staff involved!
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