Turn grey skies into bright eyes!



It's that time of year again when lots of parents find it hard to think of fun things to do with the kids. It's not quite the middle of winter and the warm weather still seems so far away. 

It feels like it is time to accept the pale skies and keep ourselves motivated while working through our everyday regular routines again. So parents and children, listen up!

Here are some useful and fun ideas that we at ClassForKids would like to share with you to keep you and your children’s spirits soaring, even though the sun is hiding behind those grey clouds:

1. Dress in bright colours

An easy way to lift your spirits would be to dress in bright colours! Neon, pastels, patterns, go crazy! Having a bit of colour around you will definitely put a bit of pep in your step and trust us when we say that the people around you will definitely have smiles on their faces when they see you! You’re not only lightening up your mood, but the moods of others too!

2. Plan family days out - inside!

If it’s miserable outside, then definitely discover some joy indoors! You can take this opportunity to fit in some activities that motivate you and your children to learn new things! Why not plan day trips to awesome museums or art galleries in your area. Local soft play areas can also keep the kids active whilst you get a moment to sit and chill with a coffee and a good book.

3. Do that big clean up you have been putting off!

We know, this sounds a bit strange but hear us out! When it’s pouring outside, it’s the perfect time to clean up and clear out the house! This can be a way to stay productive and active during the gloomy days. Clear out unwanted clothes, toys and objects that perhaps your family no longer require. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about giving away things they no longer need and donating them to families that may find better use for those unwanted items. Also the fastest one to clean their room wins a treat!

4. Embrace the gloom

Just because it’s grey and gloomy outside, doesn’t mean you can’t do outdoor activities, especially if you’re a family of adventurers! Get those waterproof booties and raincoats ready cause there’s plenty of muddy places for you to explore.

5. Make staying at home a lot more interesting

If you’re a homebody and aren’t really in the mood to head out, you can keep your energy up by planning some fun activities for your home! There’s plenty of things for you to do with your family while cozying up in the comfort of your home. Get those pens and paper out and create a masterpiece which might even be good enough to make the ‘fridge’ gallery! Get creative and use your imagination!