What Do Our Product Developers Do?

Let’s start this one with a multiple choice question...

Product developers spend most of their time:
a) Developing new products
b) Playing table tennis
c) Monitoring and improving site security, speed, and stability


If you answered c) to our fiendishly tricky question then you'd be correct!

The large part of our product team’s work is in making sure all of the features and functions you all rely on to manage your business, from registers, to payments and messaging, are functioning as they should. Updating and upgrading the underlying technologies we use, and finding ways to make the online experience faster and continually stable for you and your customers.

But (not so) secretly, they just love to build new features!

And build them they do. As well as maintaining the speed and stability of the product, the team are constantly making improvements to the features, and occasionally building brand new ones, too!


But they don’t do it alone - our Customer Success team gets literally hundreds of suggestions and ideas submitted by YOU, our customers, every single month.

These can range from the very small, like ‘Can you make the waiting list icon more obvious?’ to the very large, like ‘Can you add an online shop so I can sell merchandise?’

These ideas are all gathered and grouped, then routinely discussed, prioritised, and scoped, before making it onto our product roadmap. Each item then needs to be designed, prototyped, and tested before it even makes it into the product for live customer feedback.

So we thought we’d share just some of the features and changes that have made their way into the product last month... MARCH 2019:

13TH - 20TH MARCH 2019

  • Visual changes to the new schedule in response to customer feedback
  • Make waiting list more recognizable when viewing the schedule by adding a specific waiting list column.
  • Take colour out of additional buttons until we can properly redesign action-groups within dropdowns.
  • Make register buttons bigger again as we had feedback from clubs that they were struggling to see how to access the register
  • Balance the ‘Re-book’ button with register buttons
  • Standardise the coach/admin user check to make sure all admin users can see the correct buttons.
  • Updated check which allows an organiser to delete a term to be only if there are no runs (Classes) in the term rather than if there are no bookings. Clubs were accidently removing full terms so this is a response to this issue.
  • New Experimental setting - Prenatal Parent signup
    • Added messages around prenatal classes to sign up process when adding a child
    • Allows you to set DOB as a date in the future

6TH - 13TH MARCH 2019

  • Refactored some of the signup new system code - It could take up to 10 seconds to create a new client system, it now creates the system in 2 seconds.
  • Now hide Re-run terms as subs for clients who don't run Subs or who don't have any subscription plans
  • Filters on new schedule now has a ‘kids on waiting list’ filter that helps clearly identify which classes have kids on a waiting list
    • This new filter can be used in conjunction with ‘Spaces available’ filter
    • New Schedule Filters are now live as standard for all current customers and new clubs signing up
    • Removed the switch to turn this off from Client Features
    • Deprecated old schedule so it cannot be accessible
    • Removed ability to delete a class or venue that is being used by at least 1 active run
    • Should solve getNameAge on boolean booking error
    • Took Communication Log down from the Parent Dashboard for maintenance reasons.
    • Fixed bugs with the new schedule filters:
    • CMS Schedule returned to start class lists on a Monday, schedule release caused them to know in the incorrect week order.
    • Weekdays in ‘Day’ filter dropdown were out of order, now showing in Mon - Fri order.
    • Invite Only lock now not showing for every class on coach register. When some coaches tried to access the schedule all the classes appeared as ‘Invite only’.
    • Fixed bug where new clubs couldn't create a subscriptions term or re-run a subs term (This is in conjunction with only allowing clubs who run subscriptions to create a subscription class).

1ST - 5TH MARCH 2019

  • Schedule Filters now available for testing for ALL clubs. These allow you to Filter by: Day/Class/Venue/Coach/Space Available/Select individual Runs to get all contacts from them/Select by Term/Select Everything
  • New schedule w/ filters now shows class ages beside class name.
  • Filters available to turn off on the club features setting by the club.
  • Clubs now have the ability to invoice by term when the new filters are switched on.
    • Invoice by the full term or they can select certain days in the term to invoice.
    • Fixes reported by clubs on few filters that have been fixed:
    • Invite Only icon is BACK!
    • Class times after DST April 2019 showing correctly again
    • Deleting a run now actually deletes it, since the update some clubs were unable to remove a class
  • Empty terms were not showing up on the schedule so clubs could not create new terms, they now show up normally
  • Deleted days were throwing the days off on the new schedule
  • Fixed class times not being in the correct order
  • Pulled the abandoned baskets feature due to issues during signup.
  • Subscriptions transfer warning updated. When a club adds a covering payment then changes subscription plan, it can automatically charge the parent for the covering payment.
  • Made an update to warn clubs before they add a covering payment in this circumstance that this will happen if they change the plan.

 Whenever we make major changes, such as layout, or new features, we'll be sure to update you via email.

Remember we also continually update all of our help guides so you can always search for the answer you're looking for...

Bye for now!