YouTube: 3 Steps to Delivering Your Classes Online

How YouTube can help open your digital doors.

YouTube can be a great tool for your club to house video content for education and training purposes. The video platform can help your club to educate students by allowing them to both see and hear content which helps with the understanding and retention of your activity type.


Normally YouTube channels are public but you can set all the content on a channel to be private which is great news for your club. This means that you will be able to control who can (and can't) see your content by making the videos private. YouTube is an ideal platform if you think pre-recorded content would work well for your club but there are considerations you will need to take including whether your insurance covers you for this and if you have the correct licenses.

How Do I Use YouTube?

Now that we've covered the basic information about what Youtube is and how it may be an invaluable tool for you as you begin to move your classes into the digital world, we've got 3 simple steps for you to take to get recording your content.


Step 1: Setting up Your YouTube Channel

Before you begin to think about recording, the first step in starting your Youtube channel will be setting up a Youtube account. You can either do this directly from a Google account providing you have a Google email account or you can start from scratch.

Use an existing Google account: Head over to the YouTube website and log in to your existing Google account. In the top left corner, click on the three-line menu icon to open the navigation panel and select "Settings." Once the navigation panel is open, click "Create a new channel" on the screen to open a Brand Account screen. This will give you the option to name your channel and you should keep this as close to your club name and branding as possible.

Starting from scratch: As we mentioned earlier, if you don't have a Google account, you will need to spend a couple of minutes establishing a free account. Head to YouTube's home page and instead of logging in, click on the option to "Create Account." You will need to follow the prompts and enter the required information. This will create a Google account and you'll be redirected to the main internal YouTube home page. From there, you can follow the steps above. 


Step 2: Making Your Channel Private

The option of making your YouTube channel private is a great advantage for your club as it means only people you invite to your channel can view the content. You can make your channel private by signing into your channel and under the settings section, head to 'privacy' and you should see an option to make the channel videos private. Go ahead and select this box before saving the changes. Any videos under this channel will now be private. 


Step 3: Inviting Members to Watch Your Content 

YouTube offers a great opportunity to co-coach with parent - it means you can pre-record lessons and parents can help their children from the comfort of their own space. In order to invite members to view the private content, capture the URL for the video and share it via email. You can capture the URL by clicking "Share" under the video and copy the URL that is displayed there.

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